What we offer?

Echolution offers programmatic advertising solutions, specialising in targeting international tourists while they are shopping away from home. We collect data from various sources – payment transactions, online behaviours and offline visitations – to build audience profiles that are relevant to your brand, and we plug in to the most reliable DSPs in local markets, where digital campaigns are activated via meaningful media.

Our mission is to help retail clients promote awareness in tourists’ countries of origin and drive brand engagement and footfall at destinations.

Audience strategy

Managed campaign

Data partnership


By 2020, programmatic advertising is expected to account for 68% of digital media advertising (Zenith ROI agency), consolidating its position as the most important method of digital trading. According to a recent Adobe poll, 62% of European marketers plan to bring their programmatic media buying in-house by 2022. As tempting as it is, in-housing is no quick fix; it’s a major undertaking, requiring resources, continuous investment and organisational restructuring.

Echolution aims to form the stepping stone for brand marketers to validate their most engaging prospects, identify the best-suited tech solution to reinforce their communications, and enhance the global shopper experience.