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In today’s hyper-competitive retail landscape, we pride ourselves on our data-driven decisions, fully integrated tech stack and our genuine passion in making a difference. We believe a unified marketing strategy will bring sustainable growth, and we are excited to collaborate with your cross functional teams from marketing, product to creative design and so on.


From display, search, social to programmatic advertising, we offer bespoke campaign strategy and end-to-end management that is tailored to your local and international market.


There’s no better time to unlock the potential beneath your 1st party dat and we are here to steer you to the right direction tackling all the myths, advantages and challenges among buzzing martech solutions.


Pair your exciting creative assets with the right media distribution to drive success. We can assist in building and delivering the most popular formats that resonate with your ideal prospects.


The modern traveller’s journey is powered by data and technology. Knowing that today’s consumers are researching, booking and interfacing with brands in different ways is not enough. Much more is needed for retailers to understand what data is generated, captured and available for marketing at each stage of the traveller journey. 

At Echolution, we pride our independence in marketing technology to offer the best-suited solution for your unique business objective. In addition to exclusive data partnerships that enable retailers to engage with travellers both near and far, we also leverage the industry’s most credible source of transaction data generated directly from international travellers. Let us help you make informed marketing decision based on your and your competitors’ consumer insights, and deliver meaningful experience that adds value to your customer engagement.

Based on the Tax Free Shopping (TFS) data in 2019, we want to show you the most desired destinations visited by outbound travellers from China, the US and Russia. Japan was the most popular outbound destination for Chinese, followed by France in Europe. France is also the most favourable destination among American tourists from the United States, whereas the Russians prefer visiting Italy the most. 

For more detailed report on travellers’ spending power in destinations, average or total transaction amount, and a 90-day outlook into the future travel trends, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 

On this chart, you will see top 6 countries visited by outbound travellers from the Great Britain, Italy and Germany, according to stats reported by OECD 2018. The EU residents’ preferred European destinations outside their own country were: Spain, Italy and to a lesser extent France and Germany, which together accounted for 45% of intra-EU trips during spring and summer 2018, according to eurostat.

We see many travellers in Europe are out and about again as travel restrictions start to ease, but they are staying close to home. Intra-Europe international travel is now critical to brands who are missing out on the expected footfall contributed by a wider group of global shoppers.