At Echolution, we licence and run our own tech platforms to provide you with first-hand, effective and transparent programmatic strategy.

Bespoke tech stack

There is no one-size-fits-all digital solution in programmatic advertising. Through tests and insights, we license the most reliable tech and integrate it with the most qualified data partners in different markets to make sure every impression is served in a meaningful way and you can communicate effectively to both of your local and international audiences.

Exclusive data partnership

Echolution was founded with exclusive data agreement with the industry’s leading VAT refund service provider who works with 307,000 luxury, fast fashion brands and department stores to processes transactional data form 13 million international shoppers. Enhance your campaign performance with data that you can vet, understand and trust.

Results oriented strategy​

Being an independent agency means that we are not constrained to shift your budget in any pre-negotiated channel, we are simply led by data. From data modelling, forecasting to trading and attribution, our only interest is to align your marketing goal to the most suitable tech and media to ensure results are achieved by your most qualified audiences.​

Unmatched expertise

How well do you know your international customers? Are you up to date with the apps that are their favourites when they travel? Do you know the most engaging media formats guaranteed to catch their eyes?

Lack of cultural knowledge can cost a brand dearly. With our collective experience of over 20 years in media, 15 years in digital and 10 years spent in international marketing, we are ideally placed to help shape your international media strategy. Our particular strength lies in the international market, given its growing importance for brands we have worked with over the years.